107 Housing-unit near Paris by Atelier(s) Alfonso Femia

The Architectural firm of Alfonso Femia completed in last October a 107 housing-unit in Romainville near Paris for Nexity, an important Real Estate developer in France.


The residence is located on the edge of Romainville Parc. The Residence marks a transition between a large-scale urban environment in the West and a suburban area in the South, and recently built Health Services in the North.


The Alfonso Femia project is split in two buildings for a better existing urban morphology integration. A fold in the soft transition of the surrounding building permits to guide pedestrians as they stroll into the new urban area.


Architects from the Alfonso Femia agency choose to design a dazzling facade with ceramic in white diamond color. The relief of the facade is intended to brighten up the project in relation to the amount of sunshine. The facade near Health Services building is more sober, it is only animated with wood vertical blades which creates an intimate area terraced for resident.


The East Façade plays a sobriety game with a regular frame. So, with a budget of 1,070€/m2, architects were naturally obliged to remain sober in tone.


  • Architect: Atelier(s) Alfonso Femia 
  • Client: Nexity
  • Team: Alfonso Femia, Simonetta Cenci, Sara Gottardo, Nicola Spinetto, Amandine Aubrée, Aude Rasson, Sara Traverso, Francesca Recagno, Roxana Calugar, Aude Robert, Sara Massa, Antoine Laboureau, Stefano Cioncoloni
  • Structure Consultants: BET Structure Buchet
  • MEP Consultants: Pouget Consultants
  • Environment Consultants: Pouget Consultants
  • Control office: Qualiconsult
  • 2015: studies date
  • October 2019: completion date
  • Surface: 6 400m2
  • Budget: 6 000 000 € HT

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