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Chanel Métiers d’Arts Workshop in Paris by Rudy Ricciotti

The French architect Rudy Ricciotti had completed in 2020 the sewing workshop for the Maison Chanel, nicknamed the 19M. This project is located in Porte d’Aubervilliers, near Paris. This project gathers all manufactories of Chanel near Paris, its area is 25 500 m2 for a cost of 45 millions euros.


Context and location

Before the construction of the 19M, Chanel made his creations in some sewing workshop near Paris. The famous house of Haute-couture had invested in his manufactories since 1985 with a specifically subsidiary company named Paraffection. Paraffection had now 26 sewing workshops in France, UK, Italy and Spain. This new building gathers in one place the embroiderers, hatters, plumassiers of Chanel. However, each jobs conserves his own independence. 

The 19M is implanted on a 9 000 m2 plot. Its particularity is located on a plot shared between Paris and Aubervilliers. This building designed by Rudy Ricciotti faces to Veolia Environnement headquarters. 

Designed by Rudy Ricciotti

The charismatic architect designed a five level building with two levels in the underground. As he did for the Mucem in Marseille, Rudy Ricciotti designed a slim facade. This facade is inspired by the works of Chanel. These columns reflect the wired culture of Chanel. Each column is a thread. The density of the columns depends on facades orientation. In the centrale place, a garden was designed. So, the project is like a cloister.

Like threadwork over the facade of the building, the columns permit two things. In first, all structural elements are located outdoors, so the team of Chanel are able to organize their sewing workshop as they wish. In second, the balcony between the glass and the columns facilitates the maintenance of the building and increases the fire security.

Special concrete columns

One more time, Rudy Ricciotti uses Ductal, a specific concrete produced by Lafarge. This fiber-reinforced concrete permits to design any form with a smooth aspect, furthermore it is more resistant than any concrete. So, many architects love Ductal but it is also expensive.

For the project, the 225 columns measuring between 24 and 25 meters were made in Marseille by Vinci and were transported by night to Paris. Each column is a diameter between 20cm and 35cm. The concrete piece have weight nearly 5 tons and were flown in one time.

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